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Private Placement Programs

Small Swiss Private Placement Program ( PPP )

For small investors there is a bank secured Swiss Private Placement Program ( PPP ) available with a low minimum entry. Investors must be willing to travel to a Swiss bank to meet the Private Placement Platform Manager & Trader to sign the investment contract. Afterwards funds must be moved to a named account in a AAA rated bank under the investor's sole signatory control. Please contact us for further details & procedures.

100m+ Private Placement Program ( PPP ) / Project Funding

Bank Secured Private Placement Programs for assets in excess of 100m to assist with funding Humanitarian Projects with 2 leading European banks. Please contact us for further information and detailed procedures.

CMO Program

For holders of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations ( CMO ) we have a specially tailored CMO Program to maximize their asset. Please contact us with screenshots for details of the procedures.

10m+ Private Placement Program ( PPP )

Historically above average returns from 10m Bank Secured Private Placement Program for funds in excess of 10m with several Private Placement Platforms. Funds in many Top 25 banks are reserved internally at the investors bank without the need for blocking by SWIFT. Please contact us to see if your bank is approved. Harder to place and / or smaller assets can be placed with a regulated Hedge Fund in London. Funding Humanitarian Projects is not required.

Managed Buy Sell Program

Medium Term Note ( MTN ) Managed Buy Sell Private Placement Program in Switzerland. Please contact us for further details & procedures.

Asset Program

Asset rich clients looking to raise capital quickly can be arranged entry into an Asset Program. Acceptable assets include Corporate Bonds (A rated & above) Bank Instruments BG / MTN / SBLC / Letters of Credit / CMO / Gold / Platinum / Diamonds.